The Tillit Program – an Opportunity for Young People in Southern Sweden to get an International Experience!

This program gives young people between the ages of 18 to 24 the opportunity to get an internship abroad. An internship that will be selected after their background and competence. The program starts with eight weeks of preparation and coaching, so the participants gets ready for the experience abroad. Then the participant starts their internship of six weeks, either in  Italy or Great Britain.

Introduction Phase

We will start with eight intensive week were the participants both individual and in group try to figure out what they want to do and where they wants to go in the future. We offer workplace visits, structural planning of the internship period, workshops with themes such as, work ethics in Great Britain/Italy versus work ethics in Sweden, equality at the workplace and in general. We will also offer help and support in writing curriculum vitae and cover letter in English. All this with the aim to in short-term get the participant ready for in the internship, but in the long hall create inspiration and energy to make the most of their future carrier.


The Internship

The participants will be offered an internship within or near the trade they are searching for a job, or have experience within. The internship will be based on what you can do and what you are able to do, not more nor less. We don’t have set internships, we adjust the placement according to the participants’ personal profiles.


End Phase

When the participant returns to Sweden, they are going to have new energy, and ideas, and will have grown quite a bit. They are now interesting for an employer. We will now help them with high quality coaching and our network of companies to give them a way in to the labor market.


What is the Goal and Purpose of the Program?

The purpose of the program is to give young job searchers from the south of Sweden the opportunity to get an international internship and high quality coaching that will increase their opportunities to get a job in Sweden or abroad.